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ONA Bag’s Founder, Tracy Foster set her sights on becoming the luxury camera bag designer. Her passion for photography drove her need to replace her clunky camera bag with a luxurious, highly functional, stylish bag; one that would sit comfortably on the body of an active, creative professional, and accommodate all of their daily essentials in a safe, protective & organized manner.

Tracy designed a line of bags that are rich & imaginative; hand crafted from only the finest full-grain cowhide leather, waxed cotton canvas, and closed-cell foam, sourced from the finest suppliers around the world.   

Bringing Tracy’s Vision to Life

With a very clear vision, Tracy enhanced her brand. ONA Bags was poised for significant growth but her website didn’t convey that vision; and it wasn’t stable.  



Are You Looking For Someone To Bring Your Vision To Life?
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The Process

It takes the proper collaborative mix of intellect, vision, tools &
technologies to successfully bring a designer’s vision to life. We Succeeded!


When Tracy came to MarkNet Group, she had gone through several web development companies that could not implement her vision. MarkNet was initially brought on as ONA’s web service provider, but our project list quickly expanded from there. 


We immediately stabilized the website and implemented organic SEO.  After the site was secured, Tracy was primed to implement her newly enhanced brand. MarkNet took Tracy’s design and created a custom Magento theme.  But it didn’t end there…

Growth Requires New Tools & Technologies

MarkNet worked with ONA Bags marketing team to select tools, provide web strategy consultation and custom programming.  With the growth of her business, there was also an urgency to integrate various technologies that would streamline operations to get ONA to the next level.

  • We integrated an eCommerce shopping cart with the accounting system
  • Developed a custom Magento extension to integrate orders with the fulfillment warehouse
  • Integrated Magento store with automated marketing solutions
  • Real-time shipping with FedEx
  • Custom reporting for accounting & taxes
  • Shopping Cart abandonment e-mails
  • Promotional E-mails
  • We conceptualized & implemented Loyalty Program E-mails
  • We developed a truly custom, mobile responsive site

Without developing a highly successful automation process, Tracy could not have scaled the business in the time and rate that it did.


ONA Bag’s went from making thousands to millions. With MarkNet at ONA’s side; ONA is positioned to seamlessly & efficiently stay ahead and adapt to technology changes & trends.

Building a Luxury Brand

Tracy Foster has built a highly respected and sought after brand.
ONA Bags has become the iPhone of Camera Bags.

Client Feedback

"Gina and her team have been fantastic! They consistently deliver excellent work, on time, and they make themselves available to answer questions, and offer recommendations to help my business.  I highly recommend Gina and MarkNet team. "

Tracy Foster
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As ONA Grows, We Grow With Them!

ONA’s growth has been astounding.  MarkNet has been with ONA from the very beginning when Tracy first started the company.  We are very proud, and feel so privileged to be a part of their growth and continued journey.

ONA continues to have lofty goals.  They want to introduce new product lines and increase direct sales.  In order for them to handle the increase in capacity, the website has to be able to handle the changes and volume.  MarkNet is implementing a more robust hosting & web security framework, which translates to a web server that can handle exponential growth, traffic, and keeps the site uber fast and secure.

We Come Highly

“MarkNet is amazing! They consistently deliver excellent work, on time & make themselves available to answer questions & offer recommendations...”

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We Come Highly

MarkNet Group is the absolute Premier Web Design Agency in New York. From design to SEO, they are the best.

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We Come Highly

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