Top 5 Reasons to Use the Genesis Framework for WordPress

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  1. Quincy says

    Nice article, but I’m still not seeing the benefits of using a framework over the WordPress installation. Can you elaborate on these (based on your 5 reasons):

    1. Being able to submit a support ticket somewhere is nice, but WP has a large community with every answer you need in the forums all around the web. Also, you can always find a great cheap freelance developer that knows WP better than you do.

    2. Widgets: there are already thousands of free widgets available with almost every feature imaginable. Not seeing this as a reason to get a framework.

    3. Plugins: same as #2, there are even more free plugins for WP, a lot of which are actively maintained as well.

    4. SEO: again, there are some very elaborate plugins available to make all kinds of SEO and speed enhancements to WP.

    5. Plain WP works too. I’ve yet to encounter a problem that costs more than the price of a framework to fix.

    Soooo…. am I missing something here? If so, what?

  2. Sanjit Mandal says

    “As a busy developer, I don’t want to waste time testing new themes and worrying about updates. I want to buy a framework that I know is a sure thing, and that’s Genesis.” Yes!

    It terms of time spent on research, trying out different themes, etc, it is best to go with a comprehensive platform, and this is it! When I upgrade my site there is a very strong chance I will be using Genesis, it is solid all the way around!!

    I have used a few other platforms, and when I go back to genesis, it wins every time, so no more time researching 🙂 Their support in asking them questions has been superb!

    Great post!!

  3. Graham says

    Hi Laura,

    Stumbled across this post when looking for material on the genesis framework. Excellent read.

    I have been using the ithemes builder framework but in order to get a lot of the child themes to work how I want them I need to use a lot of css – and sometimes PHP which I struggle with!

    Do you know of any sites that I can use so that I can test the genesis framework – I am presuming it is similar to the builder framework, so hopefully a small learning curve?

    I have also heard the genesis is a solid framework for SEO so would like to know if this means I can do away with SEO plugins such as yoast or all in one or would you recommend using these in conjunction with the genesis theme?

    Thank you Laura!

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