5 Killer WordPress SEO Tips You May Be Missing

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  1. Spook SEO says

    Submission of sitemap in one of the best On Page SEO technique and there is good chance that Google crawl your website pages. Other 4 on page SEO techniques are also useful and every new blogger and business site should work on it to bring their website on top of SERPs.

  2. @ALLMOH says

    Nice post!

    I have been using WordPress SEO by Yoast, but for a while now I noticed a lot of errors reported and on the increase in the Google Webmasters tools, even things like XML map issues, not sure if is just Google taking its time or if is something to do with the plugin, as such I have been looking around and in particular looking at the AIOSP plugin, if one was to look at which of these 2 products are being used by the best ranked WordPress sites out there then I believe AIOSP might be the winner (then again, personally, I think typically the type of developer/webmaster that probably would use the AIOSP plugin would be different then someone using the Yoast Plugin)

    About the Google webmaster reported errors, I was considered maybe is just something I been wrong with the design, and was not questioning the plugin, but I was not aware of the premium functionality which allows to fix such issues… I’m now wondering if the All in One SEO Pack users out there are seeing similar errors in the Google webmaster tools as what I’m seeing as a WordPress SEO user… the ultimate test would be to create 2 identical sites and optimize each of them using each of the separate plugins and then compare the data over a period of time to see which site/pages/posts would ran better and would report less errors.

    • Alex Miranda says

      Hi Allmoh,

      Like many plugins WordPress SEO by Yoast has errors. I have done the test you did and have also had new clients who were having issues with the plugin. When I uninstalled it and installed the All in One SEO plugin the difference was major. I personally do not like a plugin that is too robust. Give me a plugin that does the job I need and I am good.

  3. Charlene says

    Hi Alex I am curious about your robots.txt file approach. Could you explain the rationale behind each disallow and why it will be better for organic search?

  4. Raees says

    SEO is a good technique to visible your site on search engines. Few things play an important role in SEO. LIKE
    On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization
    Promote article on Social networks
    Comment on other blogs
    Quality Content
    Update your Site twice a week
    AND Never Give Up…because Google like old domains..

  5. Mary Davis says

    Hi Alex thanks for this wonderful article. Most of the people do take care of above mentioned 4 points, but always forget about the update. Updating the services is an essential part in WordPress SEO and it has its own benefits.

  6. David says

    Nice article and very useful but two points if I may;

    1. I have discovered that if your theme uses JS (and most do) stopping wp-content/plugins or wp-content/themes by robots.txt will disable Google from rendering your site correctly. It is really important that you test in Google every time you change meta or .htaccess or robots.txt using “Fetch as Google” in Webmaster Tools. It is a bit fiddly but necessary.

    2. I am using host SEO but do you favour All in One SEO over host?

  7. srisathvika says

    This post was really interesting. This will help to optimimize the wordpress. thanks for your posting.

  8. Matija says

    Hi there, excellent tips really. Don’t know only if rich snippets is the same as schema mark up. I am reading in a lot about rich snippets and the importance of schema mark up for SEO, but if you could just simply clarify it to me, if that is the same, I would be highly appreciated.
    Matija, Slovenia

  9. Shaswat Mukherjee says

    Thank you for sharing such valuable word press tips.
    I have just started doing SEO and found the tips very helpful

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